Launched in August 2021, WideStreams.Net is a fan-operated Website to provide easy access to the soulmates at the WideStreams studios in St Petersburg and Tbilisi and the latest news and helpful information on each soulmate.

Connect through your computer or mobile device with webcam models and soulmates 24 hours a day, fully live from the WideStreams studios in St Petersburg and Tbilisi. On this Website, you can also view the latest ratings, see who's winning the weekly soulmate awards, check upcoming birthdays and read the latest news from the studio.

Following a simple registration process (no credit card required), unlimited FREE video chat is instantly available with the most influential soulmates and webcam models online. You can take your chosen girl to an exclusive private chat where two-way audio and video are available if you want the ultimate privacy.

WideStreams.Net is purely a fan-operated Website, a "fan site" created for information and entertainment purposes only. We are an unofficial WideStreams news and information Website made for the fans by the fans. Read Disclaimer.

Is the service FREE to connect with soulmates?

Yes! When the soulmates are in open chat, you can chat for an unlimited time once you have registered an account. You can take any soulmate to an exclusive private chat at any time with the possibility of turning on your webcam and microphone.

How many soulmates work at the studios?

As of September 2023, there are currently 15 full-time soulmates working at the studios. Each soulmate typically works five day or night shifts of nine hours (with breaks) and then has two days off.

How do I provide feedback?

Please don't hesitate to contact the web admin for questions or issues related to the WideStreams fan site or Website infrastructure. You can use the form below to contact the web admin about broken links and feedback.