AliciaCruise is a former soulmate who worked at WideStreams until September 2023. Although she's no longer with the studio, her profile is still left for informational purposes.

According to the records, during her time at WideStreams, Alicia was rated 506 times and achieved a rating of 92%.

Age: 23

Birthday: 7 April

Zodiac: Aries

Eye Colour: Green

Height: 167 cm

Build: Athletic

Joined WideStreams: 26 February 2019

Left WideStreams: 26 September 2023


Alice exudes a warmth and compassion that is rarely found in other models. A conversationalist beyond, she is witty, charming and quiet frankly stunning for her beauty is not only skin-deep but in her very soul. Her beauty is unique and makes her stand out with exceptional brilliance. She is not merely a star, but a supernova!
From the moment I met Alice, there was a special bond, a connection that transcends the vast differences in place. She is one of a kind, a true knockout and a great friend! I feel a day without Alice is a sad day indeed.
Alicia is the highlight of my day! Beautiful, charming, sweet and engaging. There are not enough adjective to describe how wonderful she. I can honestly say she makes my day brighter!
She is an amazing woman on so many levels. If you spend a little bit of time to get to know her. You will find a woman of vast life experiences from whom you can learn from if you are open for that.
There is no better way to spend a Friday night than in the company of the very beautiful Alice.
Alice is the best. She has a good personality and is always smiling and ready to have a great chat with me.
This lady is very classy, elegant and beautiful. She is joy to talk to and I look forward to getting to know her more in future!
Really beautiful easy to talk with and fun to share a private conversation.
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