Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Your use of this website (www.widestreams.net) is subject to the following Terms of Use, which you are deemed to accept.

These Terms of Use were last updated on 01 December 2023 and are effective immediately for all users after that date.

Content Rights

The copyright and all other rights in all of the material on this website are owned by Us, or the material is included with the rights owner's permission. As a visitor to this website, you can copy material for personal or domestic purposes, but copying, adapting or transmitting for any other purpose is prohibited.

When photographed, all soulmates appearing on this website were at least 18 years of age.

The Information on this Website

While We take every care to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and complete, much of it is supplied to us by third parties, and we cannot check its accuracy or completeness. Please verify the accuracy of any information before using it. Further, due to the inherent nature of the Internet, errors, interruptions and delays may occur in the service at any time. Accordingly, this website is provided "AS IS" without any warranties. We don't take any liability for any inaccuracy or omission in the information or interruption in availability.


From time to time, We (or selected third parties) may include competitions, promotions or other offers on this website. Each offer shall be subject to its own express terms and may not be available in all jurisdictions.

On this website, you may be offered automatic links to other websites. While we hope you'll be interested in those websites, we want you to know that their owners may be independent of Us. We do not endorse or accept any responsibility for their content.

Linking to Our Website

We welcome 'hot links to our website, but not 'deep linking' by which we mean that you may not include a link to our website or display the contents of our website surrounded or framed or otherwise surrounded by material not originating from Us without our consent. If you would like to license our material, please contact us.

All trademarks used on this website are the property of their respective owners.

WideStreams.Net participates in online affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for websites like ours to earn financial income through banner advertising and affiliate tag linking.

WideStreams.Net may be compensated if visitors utilise the links throughout the website's content. You are not obligated to click on any link at any time.


We have NO connections, financial or otherwise, with WideStreams LLC. The sole purpose of this Website is to promote interest in the soulmates working at the St Petersburg studio.

Nothing in these Terms of Use shall restrict or exclude any liability that We have to any party which can not be excluded by law.

These Terms of Use shall be governed by English law, and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising about this website.

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