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Frequently Asked Questions

Launched in August 2021, WideStreams.Net is a fan-operated website to provide easy access to the soulmates at the WideStreams studios in St Petersburg and Tbilisi and the latest news and helpful information on each soulmate.

Is the service FREE to connect with soulmates?

Yes! When the soulmates are in open chat, you can chat for an unlimited time once you have registered an account. You can take any soulmate to an exclusive private chat at any time with the possibility of turning on your webcam and microphone.

Following a simple registration process (no credit card required), unlimited FREE video chat is instantly available with the most influential soulmates and webcam models online.

How many soulmates work at the studio?

As of May 2024, there are currently 13 full-time soulmates working at the studio (7 in St Petersburg and 6 in Tbilisi). Each soulmate typically works five shifts of nine hours and then has two days off.

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