Cookie Use

Cookie Use

Our website uses information collection technology to enable Us to provide you with a personalised browsing experience. Known as "Cookies", these are small pieces of information issued to your computer when you enter our website.

Cookies are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive, and they can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as identifying your computer's previous visits to our website and ascertaining the most popular features of our website.

Our Cookie Use was last updated on 01 December 2023 and is effective immediately for all users after that date.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

Like many websites, We use Cookies as they enable WideStreams.Net to identify your computer when you visit our website. For example, Cookies make it possible for Us to identify and automatically log in registered users of specific services on this website without asking users for their registration details and password each time they visit. We also use Cookies to better understand which parts of our website are the most popular to visitors and your preferences. You are not obliged to accept Cookies; you may amend your browser's settings to prevent it from accepting Cookies.

Please remember that if you disable Cookies, certain services on our website may not be available to you, and your enjoyment of this website may be impaired.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics. For information on how Google Analytics processes and collects your information and how you can opt out, please click here.

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