ElleFrance is a former soulmate who worked at WideStreams until July 2023. Although she's no longer with the studio, her profile is still left for informational purposes.

According to the records, during her time at WideStreams, Elle was rated 897 times and achieved a rating of 91%.

Age: 22

Birthday: 29 August

Zodiac: Virgo

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 162 cm

Build: Athletic

Joined WideStreams: 18 October 2018

Left WideStreams: 19 July 2023


Elle is so beautiful and sweet, with an amazing dance show too. I enjoyed every second of my time with her. Definitely show her some love!
Elle, she is amazing, what a beautiful woman, so awesome her dancing, have fun with her, enjoy her guys.
Where to start with Elle, first she is a fantastic woman to spend time talking to, you will learn something new every time.
Elle looked amazing tonight in her choice of top and shorts. Always so beautiful and great dancer.
Very fun and engaging. Make her smile and she's a thrill to watch dance as she moves on her own terms. Very good and a great show if you get the chance.
Amazing show and she is very eager to please. She has an amazing body, positive personality, and a beautiful smile.
I enjoy visiting Elle just for the conversations, very intelligent and pleasant personality.
Elle is a hidden gem, one of the most exciting models I have spoken to at her studio. You can talk for hours on a range of deep subjects and always find more to discuss. Thank you for being a friend Elle.
Fantastic girl with a sense of humor and great personality. Spending time with her is absolutely amazing and I love it.
Amazing girl with full of surprises every time I meet her. Words cannot describe. Thank you friend.
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