MiraMilti is a former soulmate who worked at WideStreams until December 2022. Although she's no longer with the studio, her profile is still left for informational purposes.

According to the records, during her time at WideStreams, Mira was rated 137 times and achieved a rating of 87%.

Age: 18

Birthday: 4 June

Zodiac: Gemini

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 162 cm

Build: Athletic

Joined WideStreams: 3 April 2022

Left WideStreams: 31 December 2022


Mira is shy and cute and pretty and a lovely kind lady. Her smile is too cute for words. You will love her and come back for more!
Mira is very friendly and accommodating. She was very enthusiastic in the performance of her private chat.
If you haven't seen this sweet young woman yet, do yourself a favor and stop by. Like a hidden gem. Mira has a wonderful personality, has great fun with her members, and is so much fun in chat. Her dancing and singing will put a smile on your face. Not to mention she is so pretty.
Mira is a girl with a big heart, and personality to match. Always kind and gracious.
Absolutely gorgeous! She has the sweetest personality and is a real pleasure to talk to.
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